Your Trusted Money Expert

Discover your real wealth. Spring Clean finances. Take control of your money.

Julie Berrill dipPFS,Money Makeovers offers impartial and affordable financial planning advice. We meet face to face, one to one or in small group workshops, to discuss your current finances, your goals and how to get there.

Discover Your Money

Take a little time to discover your real wealth. Quite often there is more than you think.( recent examples)

Declutter Your Finances

Did you even look at that last statement or is it in a pile to look at when you "get time"?

Achieve your Goals

Dreams can become a reality with a sound financial plan.
Solutions are client specific and usually involve two meetings and some research on your behalf to help you decide on the right path ahead.

I work on the basis that you probably worked hard for the money, so let's get it working hard for you.

Money Makeovers helps you to declutter finances, and sort out what you really need. I work with selected partners where appropriate who are fully regulated.

Privacy and confidentiality is paramount.

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