Investing in the right area

One gentleman recently asked what he should do with the money he had saved in the bank as he was getting fed up of low returns. We talked about what he had thought about doing including his reasons for and against each option. We then talked some more about how the money had accumulated, how his finances may change in the future and how accessible he needed it to be. We also discussed the different types of risk associated with the various investment options available, including buying a property to live in or buying a rental investment.

None of the areas we discussed were new to him, but he was able to ask questions and clarify his thoughts and objectives. Based on the client's objects and specific criteria, Money Makeovers did some research and put together some facts and figures to help him decide how to go forward.

By talking things through with an expert he could trust, he was able to take control of his money and make it work in a way that would help him reach his goals much quicker.

Moving on - after divorce

The divorce process was very emotional, even with a good lawyer. As well as the family suddenly changing and worrying about how the children would be affected, I knew I would have to sell the family home and move. I called Julie, primarily to find out about mortgages and to find out how much I could borrow once I was on my own. Julie got the information I was looking for very quickly, and was so helpful. By discussing the whole situation, looking at all the options available, she helped me to make the right decision that feels right for me. Thank you, Julie for supporting me through a very difficult time. Caroline B

Lisa K - Pension round-up

I had various pots of pensions from my corporate days. There were statements coming in from all different directions, all through the year in no particular order and I didn't feel I was getting any useful information or service from them. After a relatively short meeting, telling Julie about where I had worked, where I was now and what I wanted to achieve, Julie rounded them all up, interrogated them with questions about funds, charges, guaranteed benefits etc. and I was pleasantly surprised. The funds were actually worth more than I thought ! Bonus ! I had often thought about them, but never really made the time to look into it. Julie has saved me hours of time sorting this out and my pension planning is now so much clearer. Thank you

Financial MOT

Over the past few years Julie has continued to do a thorough MOT on my saving plans and this has saved me so much time and money as they were spread far and wide! Just from one initial meeting she managed to get all the relevant info and went to work tracking down them all down.I also had various pension plans spread out from previous jobs and again she managed to collate all of these and put them under one umbrella.So a big thank you Julie, for saving me time, energy and most of all money! Annie B

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