Money, Money, Money.........

  • What are your assets really worth now ?
  • Is chopping them all up equally, the most useful solution for both of you ?
  • How much can you borrow as a mortgage for your new home ?
  • Is there any financial support available ?
Money Makeovers can assist with the calculations and support your decision process. We regularly work with divorce lawyers and their clients around this time to provide prompt information. Contact Julie to find out more and book a no obligation meeting.
Divorce is a huge step and not one to be taken lightly due in part to its enormous emotional and financial ramifications. Pre-divorce planning is not about taking your spouse for all you can. It's about making smart choices with a clear mind. It involves carefully planning out all aspects of your life from where you are now to where you would like to be. It requires methodical preparation in the months leading up to informing your spouse you want a divorce. The more you plan, the better your position will be in your post-divorce life. Every situation is different and meeting with a financial planner to discuss your options objectively can really help to prepare you for your life ahead.

You don't have to be a great mathematician to realise that it is likely to cost more to run two separate households, double the mortgage, bills etc., and if one of you has been at home to bring up the kids, this can make matters even worse, as you could be trying to run two households on half the income you're used to.

While many couples think about how to split their assets, it may be more important to work out how much income you will need on your own, and how you can achieve this.

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