Hello, I'm Julie.

I come from a hard working/resourceful family. At school, I enjoyed Maths, and had an early interest in business, making and selling jewellery to my fellow pupils in junior school, visiting local factories and working from age 14..gave me insights into businesses and how to appreciate the money earned. I studied and worked in fashion (retail & manufacture), and tourism, before stumbling into financial services over 25 yrs ago ! It was very different then and some of the sales strategies used in the firms made me cringe, but I enjoyed the principle that I earned money if I helped my clients to create more money and continued to learn, by studying to become an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) which led to me running my own successful IFA practice in central London. Continuing my keen interest in people and other businesses, I became a member of several city organisations and business networks and started working with clients of other professionals such as accountants and solicitors (i.e. divorce and employment law).

Now, in my mid 50"s I bring together my professional qualifications, expertise and life experiences including marriage, children, school fees, state schools, boarding schools, divorce, caring for the elderly and inheritance planning. Reflecting on my financial services career and the various business models used, I wanted to work in a way that enabled me to use the best qualities of each and I truly feel that Money Makeovers is that model.

I am still a keen networker and enjoy connecting people and helping them to maximise their resources.

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